5+ QuickBooks Direct Deposit Authorization Form Templates

QuickBooks Direct Deposit Form

QuickBooks is a software that is used for accounting and helps in managing small and medium scale business on the go.

You can see the look of right quickbooks direct deposit forms below:

The days are gone when the salary is paid to the employees with a check or by depositing the amount in their bank accounts by going to the bank. Nowadays people are using electronic payments which mean the payment is done through online. For this, there is a form named “Direct Deposition Form” that must be filled. The content that must be filled in these forms is as follows

Content of QuickBooks Direct Deposit Form

It is mandatory to fill all the fields. Missing a single field will further lead to nothing but delay in the process. So here is the guide for you in filling out the above form

Account Type

There are two types of bank accounts

  • Checkings Account
  • Savings Account

It is important to check the correct box in order to get the payment quickly without any issues.

Bank Routing Number

It is a nine-digit number and is given based on the location of the bank. It is a mandatory field and must not be skipped for any reason.

Account Number

Each account holder will have a unique account number given by their respective banks and this number will be visible in the checkbook of the account holder. This is the most important part that must be filled and should be filled correctly in order to get the amount into the right bank account.

Amount to be deposited into that Account

No matter how small the amount may be, it is important to mention it in the specific field.

Space to attach a voided check

A voided check related to the account must be attached here for the quick reference.


It is important to fill the date as it gives a clearer idea to know how many days it will take to process the transaction.

Check work order template here

Authorized Signature

The signature of payer must be done in this field to confirm the bank account holder’s identity.

Employer’s Id

It is not a mandatory field but can be entered to let the manager know the employee by their identity.

The company name must be entered under space for a void check where you can find a field to mention the company name.

Some of the direct depository forms are given below. Have a look at them

Employee’s Bank Account

This template is used to mention the employee’s bank details. In this form all the details regarding to the bank like account number, routing number, the void check must be filled.

quickbooks direct deposit form

Authorization Agreement

In this form, the employee gives the employer or company an authorization to credit the funds in the bank account that he mentions in the form and also agrees that the company won’t take any responsibility for transfer of funds into wrong accounts or delay of funds due to wrong details provided in this form.

quickbooks direct deposit

Direct Deposit Information Form

This form can be used to start new deposit or to change the existing bank details for direct deposit. This form must be filled by employee and should handover to employer.

quickbooks deposit authorization form


Direct Deposit Form

This form is used when the employee want to change his bank account. The employee can fill all the details and check the boxes at the bottom of the page.

quickbooks deposit form


These are some of the direst depository forms that are used by payee and payers making it more easy to pay for electronic methods.

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