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Having a lack of advice for any legal problems? Seeking a lawyer to represent you? Well, one needs to just fill the Power of attorney form Florida for the place.

This article will discuss for the place of Florida and the various types of forms you can fill.

The form acquires you with the power to allow an agent or a legal advisor to represent you in any legal actions and take the decision on your behalf. Once you fill the form, you are assigned with the legal handler until any of the terms and conditions set by the court are not satisfied.

Here are the common contents which you need to fill regardless the type of form:


Personal Information

Every power of attorney form will demand your basic credentials. Your name, your postal address and your phone number are a must to fill the form.

Agent’s Information

The information of the agent which you want to be assigned with must be provided. The agent’s name and address along with the contact number should be provided in the form.

These are the basic credentials which are needed by the court to complete the form formalities.

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Below are some of the types of forms which can be filled depending on what legal actions need to be taken.

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Durable power of attorney form Florida

The form will allow the agent to handle the financial sector. If you have an unfortunate accident or illness and due to which you are no longer to control the finance, the attorney-in-fact or the agent will help in representing you for the financial purposes of the court. You can appoint however agent you wish to and if you are not able to then the court will impose the orders.

Limited power of attorney form

This form will give limited power to the appointed attorney in the financial affairs. Unlike the previous form, this form won’t give full authority to the agent. Only specific transactions and money dealings which are given on the form are authorized by the agent. Some of the transactions which are authorized are:

  • Real property
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Insurance
  • Estate
  • Business operations

Medical power of attorney form

Without this form, many important decisions will be taken up by undesired family members or the court judge which do not know you as an individual. This form gives the power to the attorney of your choice to make these important decisions when you are incapable to do so due to medical conditions.

General power of attorney form

The general power of attorney form will give the agent same rights and privileges which were given in the durable form. All the financial affairs and transactions can be represented through the attorney.

The only difference is that the powers to the agent become invalid if you go into a state of mind due to which you are not able to think of ourselves. In other terms, if you become mentally ill, the powers to the attorney become invalid which is unlike in the durable form.

Real Estate power ONLY attorney form

This document will authorize the real estate attorney to sell or acquire a real estate property in the state of Florida. The document strictly deals with the real estate transactions only.

Revocation power of attorney form Florida

The document carries the power to cancel or discard any other power of attorney form in the state of Florida. The form must be filled and authorized in front of notary public in order to make the document legal and further needs to be distributed among the institutions notifying the cancellation of the attorney.

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