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25+ Work Order Template Form [Download Free!!]

work order template

Are you looking for Work Order Template aka Work Order Forms?

The work order forms are a specific type of forms used in various multinational companies of information technology and industrial sector to deliver and provide details about the work to be completed by any team, individual, employee or an organization within or outside the company.

The form contains most of the details related to the specified work it has to deal it, it would contain information such as contact information, pricing, their taxes, materials involved, required or used, and also would specify various payment terms.

These work forms are known by several different names depending on the firms or sector of the industry they are utilized in. They are also referred to as work ticket, service ticket, work order or job order. They are sometimes addressed to any specific department also.

Types of Work Order Template: Work Order forms

Maintenance Work Order Forms

work order template

Since work order templates are designed to be descriptive in nature, therefore maintenance work order form is made too descriptive with each and every detail related to the order included in it. These are most of the times utilized in the manufacturing or industrial sector companies.

The form includes company logo for providing it an official status. Moreover, the form has all the details related to the order placed such as order date, its expected start and end date. It also adds columns related to the material and labor description for calculating a proper monetary value invested and funded for the order.

Automotive Work Order Word Forms

automative work order form
As the name itself is suggesting that these kinds of 
work order template are used by automotive companies for sufficing the need of proper detailing of the service of the automotive vehicle. Be it any vehicle industry, they all have service stations and for providing a proper service and quality of customer service, they take down all the important points from the user in these automotive work order forms.

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The work order contains the details about the client and the owner of the vehicle, they also explicitly have checkboxes for the essential work to be done on the vehicle which is in for servicing. And further provides details on the parts changes, their price, and their quantity with total billing amount of the service too.  

Construction Work Order Template

You can use this form for construction related to the work request. Check some more here.

Stop Work Order Forms

The stop work order template are used to suspend the ongoing work for any kind of project. There is various kind of issues that are faced by every company while undergoing a project. If the issue seems to be a serious one, then it is pretty much necessary to suspend the ongoing work of the project for some time. In those cases, to make it official, stop work order forms are used.

stop work order

These forms are addressed to a certain person of the industry with the notice and urgency of the work to be suspended on the project (with projects name, project manager, and location of the work). The form also has information about the person issuing this order of suspending the work.

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Service Work Order Formsservice work template

These types of 
work order templates are utilized by the companies who take any kind of inside or outsourced service from the department or other company respectively. The form is specially designed and created for including each and every small detail about the service that has been received from the addressee.

Repair Work Order Forms

repair work order template

The repair order work forms are used for providing the access to the repair persons inside the premises of the industry or the office. These repair persons can be called for fixing electricity issues, furniture issues, technical issues, non-technical issues or any other relevant issue which would require a work of some outside person. The form provides details about the person calling the repair person and also the description of the work to be fixed.

IT Work Order Forms

IT work order printables are used in most of the multinational information technology companies. Since they are created for requesting or providing an information on any new issue that the employee is facing with their allotted personal computer or laptop.

it work order forms

The form has all the details such as action required on the problem and the overview of the request in descriptive form.

Graphic Design Work Order Forms

Graphic designers while at their working place are pretty much sophisticated. So, there are various issues while desiring a service from them.

In such issues, they have an option of filling this graphic design work order form with the details of the service that they require with a box of request description too. The form is specially designed for graphic design work only.

Landscaping Work Order Forms

Landscaping is another work which is divided into various sections so as to complete the detailing of the service required with the total estimate in a single form. The form includes sections with common tasks and also sections with detailed descriptions. There is also a totally dedicated section for getting a total cost of the project or work.  

Printable Work Order Request Form

These kinds of printable 
work order forms are utilized only by the companies to ensure a proper delivery of idea and level of work done in the project. These forms act as a written formal document for the project. The form includes sections for the description of work completed and also for the explanation of the incomplete work.   

Cleaning Work Order Forms

These types of work forms are most of the time used by various hospitals, hotels, and such industries. Since they have to process a proper cleaning staff and management. The form has the checkboxes for each essential cleaning place which has to be checked only after they have cleaned it. Moreover, there is an additional information box for providing an issue.

Inspection Work Order Forms

A general work order form can be utilized in order to make an inspection form out of it. The inspection can be done every month or quarterly. But each and every point considered during the inspection must also be listed properly. Therefore, this form helps the firm, organization, and person to have a proper inspection take place.

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Work Order Tracking Forms

This work order form has columns with names as order ID, description, start date, due date, assigned to, requested by and percentage of work completed. It also depicts the level of priority the work contains with high being in red color, the medium being in orange and low being in green color. The status column is used to ensure the work is completed or is completed.

Change Order Request Form

Though giving an order is an easy process but if there any changes required in the middle of the project then it would require a proper method of conveying the changes to the project manager. In such situations, change order request forms are used. They have proper dedicated sections for explaining the changes required and the reasons for the same.

Purchase Order Forms

Purchase order forms are specific to keeping the track of monetary and investment dine on the projects.  Many vendors and suppliers are benefited with such forms since it becomes easy for them to keep a track and calculate the total amount of investment or profit they have done or gained respectively.

Maintainance Work Order Template

Here are some maintaince form in pdf format. Apart from these, check out more here.

Service Invoice Forms

As the name suggests, the service invoice forms contain the details regarding the work of service done by any individual. There is a number of hours and unit price column which in turn calculates the total amount of money to be paid for the service taken.  


These work order templates are used to create a chronological and better management flow inside the company within numerous departments. There are various types of work order forms and their templates discussed here, which would definitely help everyone to understand and be friendly with the types of forms used in the industry they are or would be working in.

15+ Last Will and Testament Forms & Template Free Download!!

last will and testament template

Last Will and Testament is an opportunity for every person to choose the heir to his property. This is a legal document and the person who is writing the will is the testator and the people who are nominated as heirs for the testator are referred as beneficiaries.

It is important to give a person’s hard earned money to whomever he like and this testament makes it possible under the legal supervision.

Some of the testament templates

last will and testament template microsoft word

Components of Last Will and Testament Templates Microsoft Word


The introduction comprises of the testator basic details like their name, address, confirmation of age as will must be written by those whose age is above 18 only.

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They are the beneficiaries to whom the testator is writing his will.


A guardian must be provided for the beneficiaries if their age is less than 18.


The assets that the testator wants to give to the beneficiaries must be mentioned in this section and the proportions of the divided assets must also be mentioned here.

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Witnesses are the people under whose presence the testament is done.

39 Last Will And Testament Forms & Templates – Template Lab intended for Last Will And Testament Template – ebook


The signature of the testator, the witness must be done in the will.

Holographic Will

This type of will was used in olden times when there were no computers or type writers. Some people are still using it to write their testaments.

last will and testament template microsoft word

Nuncupative Will

This type of will is called oral will and the will is read out in the presence of a witness. Usually, this type of will is written and read out for the people who cannot read or speak or in a dying situation due to ill health.  Many countries don’t approve this will.

last will testament template microsoft word

Self Approving Will

In this will, witnesses sign an affidavit in the presence of an authorized officer. The main reason for using this will is to tell that the testator signed the testament in the presence of the witnesses only.

last will and testament form templates

Living Will

A living will is written by the testator if they are fallen prone to some disease or will slip into a coma and lost the hope of recovery.

last will and testament form microsoft word


An important point that must be stated here is not all the type of wills is accepted in every country. Each country has different laws and has different types of official testament format that must be followed.

The handwritten will (Holographic) will is not acceptable in some places while they aren’t a problem in other states. Each country has their own set of laws and these laws should be followed while writing the wills. The Nuncupative Will isn’t acceptable in the majority of states. As the laws of different countries can be changed there are chances that there will be a change in the acceptance of these wills.

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10+ Sample Construction Order Printables Free Download!!

Construction Work Order Templates

What is construction work order?

The construction work order is a form that is collected by the construction company from their clients. This work order includes all the details of the construction regarding that particular client. Work order is customizable according to the requirements of customers and includes the data which hasn’t been mentioned in the purchase order also.

There are different types of construction work order templates and here are a few samples of them.

Construction Work Order Form is a professional way adopted by companies to get the clear image of the project, requirements for the project and cost of it. Customer details, contractor details and all the other requirements of that particular project are mentioned in this project. This makes the company’s work easier and efficient. The details in this form are filled by the company.

Contents of Construction Work Order Form

The construction work order forms can be customized according to the requirement but some contents are similar in all the work order forms just like maintaince work order template.

From (Name of the Company)

The name of the company who are issuing this work order is mentioned here. This is the name of the company who are taking up the project.

Work Order

There are several work orders issued by a specific company. In order to keep the track of the work orders, each of them is given a number serially.

Street Address

The flat/ door number and street of the company is mentioned in this field

Work Order Date

The date in which this work order issued is mentioned in this field. This helps in keeping the track of the work order issuance by date.

City, State, Zip

The details of the company location like city, state and the zip code of that specific city is mentioned in this field.

Vendor/ Contractor Name and Address

The name and the address of the contractor who is taking care of this project is mentioned here.

Phone/ Fax/ Mail 

The contact details of the company that includes the phone and fax numbers and mail I’d of the company are mentioned in this field.

Web Address

The website address of the company is filled in this field.

Phone Number of the Vendor

The phone number of the vendor is mentioned in this field.

Construction Details

The details regarding the construction of the project are mentioned in this field. There are different details regarding the construction like

Type of Construction

There are different types of constructions handled by a company like domestic, commercial, etc. In this field the type of construction of the project is mentioned.

Plumbing Required

Whether the plumbing work must be done for that project or not must be filled here.

Electric Installation Required

The electric installation details are filled in this field.

Materials Required

The type of the materials required and their quantities are mentioned in this field.

The remaining details if needed must be added by the companies.

The different types of templates issued by companies are

Simple Work Order Form

This is the simple construction work order form issued by most of the companies.

Construction Order formats

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Work Order Form and Application of a Construction

This is a construction work order form which includes the application regarding the project.

Templates for Changes in Construction Work Order Form

Sometimes there will be some necessary changes that must be done. This is the template for the changes in work order

Budget Construction Work Order Form

This is the construction work form which constitutes the budget required for a particular construction.

sample order

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Time Schedule Construction Work Order Form

The time taken for the construction is analyzed and scheduled based on this work order form.

Construction Work Order Templates

Construction Work Order form of Employee Details

This is the work order form with the complete details of the employees working for that particular project

Construction Work Order Templates


The construction work order form ensures that the construction job is done properly as planned earlier. It also helps in assessing the costs that have been assessed before construction and the costs that were charged in real. In short construction work order forms are gives the systematic procedure that must be followed while working on a project.

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10+ Maintenance Sample Order Format For Assigning Task!

Maintenance Sample Order

Maintenance Work Order forms are very useful to design the maintenance and repair forms. They are customizable forms which help to create the maintenance work orders easily and in an organized way. Many industries use these forms in order to keep the track of the services.

Check out some of the maintenance work order forms below:

These maintenance work order forms help the corporate companies keep the track of the costs that happened for maintenance for an entire year. This also helps to keep the record of the types of maintenance that they had done in the specific year.

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Contents of Maintenance Work Order Forms

Maintenance work order template is customizable and can be changed according to the requirements but the main contents that must be present in work order forms are


The date on which the request for maintenance was made.

Requested By

The client or the customers who have requested for maintenance is filled in the form.

Building/ Room

The building or the room where the service must be provided.

Description of Needs

The descriptions of the services that the customer need are mentioned in this field.

Estimated Cost Amount

The estimation of the cost that must be required for the service is filled in this form.

Supervisor Approval

The supervisor who has approved for this maintenance must sign here and the date should be mentioned in the adjacent column. If there isn’t any separate column for the date then the signature must be done including the date.

VP of administration

The VP who administrates the complete unit must sign here. The VP must enter the date on which he approved the form.

Work Completed by

This field must be signed by the person who had finished the work and it is mandatory to mention the date.

These maintenance work order forms are used in warehouses and industries mostly to estimate the cost of the maintenance. They are even used in hotels and apartments regarding the maintenance works done in any specific room or flat.

Simple Maintenance Work Order Template

This is the simple maintenance work order sample, these can be customized to suit different requirements.

Maintenance Request form

Building Maintenance Work Order Form

This is the maintenance work order form that is usually used in apartments, service condos etc. They are used to work on the issues related to a particular apartment. It is similar to construction form.

apartment maintenance request sample

This is another form of template used for building maintenance

maintenance request pdf

Machinery Maintenance Work Order Form

This is used for having the track of maintenance in industries.

Hotel Maintenance Work Order Form

This is used in hotels when there are any repairs to be attended.

Check Work order template

Lighting Maintenance Work Order Form

This is used when the lighting for a particular place must be checked or repaired. This helps for big industries and hotels to keep the track of the amount that they had spent for the light maintenance.

School Maintenance Work Order Form

This is to know the amount that has been spent to the school maintenance.


These maintenance work order forms will help the industries and big firms to know the amount that they had spent for the maintenance and the precautions that must be taken to avoid them.

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6+ Intuit Direct Deposit Authorization Forms Free Download!!

intuit direct deposit form

Direct Deposit Forms are used to make the electronic payments easier by giving the complete details of the accounts.

Have a look at the different types of direct deposit form deposit form

It is important to fill the direct depository form with right details.

A quick guide to fill the details

Account Number

An account number is a unique number given by a bank to its customers. Each account holder has a different number and it is the primary factor to distinguish one account from other. So it is important to give the correct account number so that the deposition of the amount will be in a quick and hassle-free manner.

Bank Routing Number

Bank Routing Number (ABA number) is the unique number given for each branch. This nine-digit number distinguishes each branch. This number is important and must be filled correctly.

Percentage or Dollar Amount to be deposited

The dollar amount must be mentioned no matter how small it. This is the mandatory field.

Type of the Account

There are two types of accounts offered by banks. It is important  to select the type of account you are holding

  • Savings Account
  • Checking Account

Void Check

A void check is a space provided to attach a void check.


In authorization, the details of the company must be filled.

The name of the company name must be filled.

Authorized Signatory

This blank must be signed by the manager of the company.

Employee Id

This is not mandatory but it is better if it is filled as the manager can identify the employees easily with their Id.


The date must be filled in order to know the time taken to process the transaction.

There will be two account numbers in the depository form.  This is used in case if the employees want to receive their salary in two different accounts.

Advantages of Direct Deposit

Here are some of the advantages of direct deposit

  • Time Saving
  • Immediate Access for Earnings
  • More than one account
  • Convenient for employees

Direct Deposit Excel Form

In this template you an Excel sheet to record the details. Using the excel will help in using the details on various platforms

employee direct deposit authorization form

Check power of attorney form template here

Registration form Template

This form is used to collect the basic information of the employees. These registration forms can be used to collect and use the information for various purposes.

quickbooks vendor direct deposit form

Direct Debit and Deposit Form

As name suggests this form is used to fill the direct deposit and direct debits forms.

quickbooks employee direct deposit authorization form

Direct Deposit Form

This form is made for employers. They can know the details of the employee and can have the instructions to be followed while depositing the details for each employee.

direct deposit authorization form adp


These direct depository forms made transactions more easy and reliable. If any problem has been aroused due to technical issues, Intuit will resolve the issue immediately.