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last will and testament template

Last Will and Testament is an opportunity for every person to choose the heir to his property. This is a legal document and the person who is writing the will is the testator and the people who are nominated as heirs for the testator are referred as beneficiaries.

It is important to give a person’s hard earned money to whomever he like and this testament makes it possible under the legal supervision.

Some of the testament templates

last will and testament template microsoft word

Components of Last Will and Testament Templates Microsoft Word


The introduction comprises of the testator basic details like their name, address, confirmation of age as will must be written by those whose age is above 18 only.

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They are the beneficiaries to whom the testator is writing his will.


A guardian must be provided for the beneficiaries if their age is less than 18.


The assets that the testator wants to give to the beneficiaries must be mentioned in this section and the proportions of the divided assets must also be mentioned here.

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Witnesses are the people under whose presence the testament is done.

39 Last Will And Testament Forms & Templates – Template Lab intended for Last Will And Testament Template – ebook


The signature of the testator, the witness must be done in the will.

Holographic Will

This type of will was used in olden times when there were no computers or type writers. Some people are still using it to write their testaments.

last will and testament template microsoft word

Nuncupative Will

This type of will is called oral will and the will is read out in the presence of a witness. Usually, this type of will is written and read out for the people who cannot read or speak or in a dying situation due to ill health.  Many countries don’t approve this will.

last will testament template microsoft word

Self Approving Will

In this will, witnesses sign an affidavit in the presence of an authorized officer. The main reason for using this will is to tell that the testator signed the testament in the presence of the witnesses only.

last will and testament form templates

Living Will

A living will is written by the testator if they are fallen prone to some disease or will slip into a coma and lost the hope of recovery.

last will and testament form microsoft word


An important point that must be stated here is not all the type of wills is accepted in every country. Each country has different laws and has different types of official testament format that must be followed.

The handwritten will (Holographic) will is not acceptable in some places while they aren’t a problem in other states. Each country has their own set of laws and these laws should be followed while writing the wills. The Nuncupative Will isn’t acceptable in the majority of states. As the laws of different countries can be changed there are chances that there will be a change in the acceptance of these wills.

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