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Keeping up with kids in today’s digital landscape means staying connected to the world in which they live.

In order to make sure they’re acting responsibly and staying safe, the Intel® Security Digital Safety Program gives caregivers like you the necessary tools to reinforce good online behavior in today’s digital age.

These interactive, self-paced lessons geared specifically towards parents and caretakers present real-world scenarios focused on cybersafety, cybersecurity, and cyberethics. Fueled by learnings from experts at Intel® Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance, the content covers important topics, including stranger danger awareness and malware and malicious websites, ensuring your children have the knowledge to become responsible digital citizens.


Does your child talk to strangers online? Does your child keep private information private? What kinds of online invitations does your child accept? Learn how to help your child make the right decisions when it comes to staying safe online.


It’s important to be cybersecure in order to keep personal information and devices safe from today’s online threats. This section covers critical topics including how to create strong passwords, and how to identify malware and malicious websites.


Knowing how to act responsibly online is a core component of being a good digital citizen. This section tackles the fundamentals of appropriate digital behavior, including cyberbullying and creating suitable content for online use.