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Fake Transcripts

Fake Transcripts are used to forge the transcripts issued by any recognized educational institution in order to suit the candidate’s requirements. These transcripts are made in order to provide an alternate way to obtain transcripts which aren’t legal and must be used for fun purpose only.

Sometimes, we misplace or forget bringing the transcripts and we are in urgent need of it. That’s when these so called fake documents play a major role. You can simply download one from the internet and show it to the concerned people.

However, getting these templates for free is not an easy task. You have to search through many different sites in order to get one. And that too you might not get one for free. That’s why we have created this guide in order to provide you with the best free options that you can download and print it right away.

Here are different types of fake transcript templates.

fake transcripts

About Fake Transcripts: College transcripts template for free

A transcript means the mark list issued by an educational institution to their students. These transcripts are forged by some people and are used to change the transcript according to their requirement. This transcripts market is a huge business.

Contents of Free fake college transcript template

These transcripts are similar to real ones and all the contents are same as they are just forged copies. They contain all the things that a real one has in order to make it look a lot more natural and trust worthy.

Institute Name:

This is the first field that anyone encounters in their transcript. For some people, it’s the institution where they had studied and for others, it’s the university name under which their school or college has been accredited. It is important to fill this field without any mistakes and the font must be taken care of.

fake transcripts

Institute Address

This is the field where the address of the institute must be mentioned. This address field must be entered carefully without any mistakes and it must be made sure that the address looks and feels completely genuine.

Student Name

This is the most important field. Here the candidate on whose name the transcripts are being prepared must be entered.

Student Id No. / Roll No.

Here the student’s identification number or roll number issued by the institution must be mentioned. It is the unique identification number given by institution for its student in order to differentiate and identify them.

Fake Transcripts download

Date of Birth

In this field, the date of birth of the students must be mentioned.

Academic Details/ Transcripts

In this field, the details of the subjects and the marks obtained by students in those subjects are mentioned. The grade is also mentioned in this field.

Signature of the Registrar

In order to be a transcript valid, the signature of the registrar is must.

Stamp of the Institute

The stamp of the particular institute is mentioned in this field.

Fake Transcripts

Date of Issue

The date of the certificate issued is mentioned here.

Year of Passing

This field consists the year of passing of the student.

Here are some of the templates.

College Transcripts

This is the template designed for colleges.

fake transcripts

University Transcript Template

A University transcript looks like this. These templates are used by forging the University Transcripts.

fake transcripts

School Transcripts

These transcripts will get the candidates pass high school without any exam

fake transcripts

college transcripts template for free


It is important to take some extra care while approaching these fake transcripts company. They work under disguise so the customers won’t even be aware of who they are. It is important to know whether they are reliable or not. As the certificate is fake, you have to be more careful while using it.

Also, make sure you use them at right place and don’t misuse it. We are providing it just as an option and it is up to the diligence of the user how it uses it. We do not bear any responsibility of that.

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